Buy Under Age Driving Vouchers

Wunda Wheels act as the booking agent for Under Age Driving and franchised and contracted instructors. If you are looking for the perfect gift idea, then check out our range of Driving Lesson Gift Vouchers.

We have everything from the hugely popular Under Age Driving (aged 10-16) Off Road driving lessons through to our On Road and Intensive Lesson Vouchers - all available in our online shop. Christmas themed vouchers are also available which make for the perfect present come the festive period. Due to customer requests we now offer our voucher by email service by default which means you dont have to wait on gift vouchers arriving by post (as we all know what the festive postal service is like).

Up to FIVE vouchers per transaction can be purchased for one recipient (i.e. 4hrs from gran, 10hrs from mum & dad, 2hrs from aunty Ann, 3hrs from uncle Dave & 1hr from a.n.other) If vouchers are required for more than one recipient please complete another transaction. You may purchase as many hours as you wish from 1 to 50 per voucher.