About Us

Wunda Wheels is made up of a group of highly trained and specialised driving instructors who can help everybody achieve their dream to drive safely on our roads.

Our instructors have excellent track records with high pass rates and are well known for their ability to empathise with people, ensuring they learn to drive a car in the way that suits them best.

Why Choose Us?

Because we care!

We have specialist Instructors with dual control cars, both automatic and manual

Our Instructors are trained to deal with people from all walks of life and understand the need to let you learn at your own pace in a way that suits you best”.

Any problem for you is no problem to us

We teach safe driving for your future wellbeing

We have the facilities to allow underage drivers to learn car control, and specialise in ensuring those young people coming up to 17 have the best possible understanding of car control and road safety. Once they have their provisional licence, we can then take their lessons onto the road and stay with them until they become fully qualified drivers.